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  Skin'n'tonik  Castlemaine  



Relaxation massage 
Relaxation massage or swedish massage is a flowing style of massage.It uses the manipulation of  soft tissues and muscles to enhance the well being of the entire person , it relieves stress improves blood circulation and  reduces pain.

Hot stone massage.
Hot stone massage uses heated stones to help manage stress , relax muscles , improve health conditions, relieve pain and release toxins from your body 

Shirodhara massage
Start your treatment off with a relaxation massage followed by a full body salt scrub. Feel your body float away while enjoying the continuous flow of oil on your third eye. Finish off soaking in a fragrant milk and rose petal bath.

Body treatments 

Body wraps

All our body wraps start of with dry body brushing of the body to increase blood flow and help with the removal of toxins. Followed by a full body exfoliation to remove any build up of dry dead skin cells. You will then be cocooned in a body wrap of your choosing while enjoying a scalp massage then smoothed in a hydrating and nourishing body cream.

Certified organic hydra herbal body indulgence
This cooling body mask will calm,  replenish the complexion and lock in moisture. Vitamin c and rose hip will aid in  brightening and repairing the skin.

Certified Organic clay renewal cocoon 
the concentrated blend of bentonite kaolin and zeolite clays  unite to purify, refine and detox the body as well as clarifying and revitalizing the skins complexion.

Power recovery wrap
An intensive body wrap designed to nourish the skin with a unique blend of wheat protein and honey .Wasabi, ginger and white tea help to stimulate circulation.

Infra-red sauna

Relax while being cocooned in our infra-red sauna . The infra-red rays penetrate deep into the skin to help with pain relief, weight loss, detoxification, increased circulation and skin purification.

Body polish
start your treatment of with dry body brushing of the skin to increase circulation and help with the removal of toxins. a mix of hydro active mineral sea salt, kelp, salicylic acid and freeze dried pure essential oils are then massaged into the skin. followed by a nourishing body moisturier. 


pick me up 
-30 min relaxation massage 
-skin radiance facial

-30 min hot stone massage 
-Re-balancing facial

Top to toe 
-spa manicure
-spa pedicure
-re-balancing facial
-collagen eye treatment and lip treatment 

-foot soak 
-body polish 
-body wrap
-replenishing facial

Spoil me 
-Classic manicure
-Classic pedicure
-Replenishing facial

Body indulgence
-full body hot stone massage
-body polish 
-body wrap
-milk and flower bath
-infrared sauna

-dry body brushing
-full body relaxation massage